This year I will… by Ryan M.J. Part 2

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It is curious that the author of the book frankly admits that does not give any clear advice. A simple example. In one of the chapters says that you need to set small goals, and gradually to go to them. And on the next page explains how setting a serious goal could be the first step to success.

The author contradicts itself? Not at all. She speaks honestly about the ambiguity of some of the tips at the beginning of his book. The reason for “throwing from side to side” is simple. All people are different. Not might exist a universal recipe for success, which is equally well suited to all people wishing to make changes in your life. As they say, to each his own. Somebody better to prepare carefully before starting to operate. And someone who achieves great results when catches right off the bat.

But most importantly, what can be learned from the book “this year I…”, is that it is impossible to achieve any success, just thinking about it. To see a clear goal – that’s important. To have a specific LAN action. But only real action will allow you to change something. Never read success stories of famous companies or people did not make someone a millionaire. Similarly, the mere reading of books on motivation and success doesn’t change you for the better. Only actively work on yourself and your habits will allow you to achieve something. Excerpt from the book, by which it is simply impossible to pass.

“I sat five frogs on a log. One decided to jump. How many frogs remained on the log? Four? No, five. Because desire is not the action itself.

The reality is that we can achieve only through action. Reading and communicating with other people helps you realize the important things, get support and valuable experience of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of some things — but only our own actions will allow us to achieve the desired result. This is because our brain receives information through experience. You cannot create new pathways in the brain only the desire to change. Or talking about it. Or reading”.

Makes you think and reconsider their past actions, isn’t it? After all, many of us are unable to achieve any progress owing to normal idle. We read, watch, study, but seldom do anything of real action. In many ways, this is what prevents the realization of our plans into reality. How to stop dreaming and start acting, you will learn by reading the bestseller M. J. Ryan “this year I will…”.

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The structure of the book

The book is divided into three parts, each of which will help you overcome one of the stages on the path to realization.

The first part is called “Preparing for change”. Many believe that they are ready to begin to change tomorrow. As long experience shows, the author of “this year I…”, often a person is not fully aware of what he wants, and how much time and effort it will take. This Chapter will show many obvious things in a whole new light. Much of the reading you will be surprised and forced to review their past attempts at change.

The second Chapter – “Begin to act” — talks about how to achieve the goal. After examining it, you almost guaranteed will change your life and meet dreams.

And the third Chapter is called “Continue to operate”. Not only is it important to be able to achieve some results in one area or another. Many do succeed. But keep or even improve these results is far from over. Taking the top one, you don’t have to stop, you should immediately storm the next. The only way to permanently change your life, make it more bright, rich and interesting.

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