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Shark Twitter counter and Internet technologies have become an integral part of life of almost everyone. We use mobile phones, work at computers, watch movies on tablets. Most of the time we devote on social networks. Someone calls them a development disaster of the twenty-first century. But if the social network is to be used or used in correct non-standard order, you can do many useful things. Please think and try to answer the following question. How to connect security, computer technology, Internet, social networking and fauna? It all seems kind of a bummer. But, in fact, that all of this will be discussed in our today’s publication.

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The main problem Australian surfers

And not only surfers, but for all tourists on the beaches or in the waters off the coast of Australia. Coastal waters, though different in their purity and clarity and also the perfect surfing wave, pose one major threat. Threat, which takes the lives of people in Australia every year. This, of course, talking about sharks. They are very, very much. Because the water is full of fish and other animals that sharks eat. Of course, there are cases when feeding from the coast fish were taken for their prey of unwary vacationers.

In General, there is a problem – sharks. Know about it the authorities. But to solve the problem is not so simple. Of course, you can shoot all approaching to the shore sharks. As time passes, they will be less, and they will cease to terrorize the local divers, surfers and swimmers. But in this case another problem arises – like the way out of the situation did not suit many of the conservationists. No matter how terrible and bloody was not sharks, they are also part of the ecosystem of our planet.

To solve a difficult situation has come from the Australian rescuers who found a way to please both vacationers and conservationists.

Shark page on Twitter

Remember, some time ago we talked about the alert system appeared on the road the deer. Special sensors monitor the animals, and, if necessary, instructing the drivers that they will encounter animals on the road. This made the movement safer, and defenders of animals also remained satisfied. In Australia invented about the same. Only with the use of the Internet and popular social network – Twitter.

Now sharks will alert rescuers of its approach to the shore. All works in the following way. First of all the sharks that have been tracked in coastal waters, be equipped with special sensors. These beacons implanted in the shark fin so that it does not impact on the health of the animal. The purpose of the sensor one is locating fish and when approaching her at distance of one kilometer from the shore to send a specific signal.

That is, at the approach of sharks to the shore, with its sensor sends a signal to Twitter. Special shark page. Thus, animals without knowing it, constantly post tweets informing about its approach and the frightening own “food”. Of course, once the rescuers get the warning message on Twitter, they inform tourists about the approaching shark. Such a simple but ingenious solution is simply obliged to reduce the percentage of unpleasant encounters with toothy fish.

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I must say that a similar idea can (and should) use on all beaches where there are meetings of people and sharks. It will seriously relieve the rescuers and allow them to devote more time to leisure. And to see the shark from the observation tower it is not always possible in time. Usually fearsome fin notice it when the fish came close to shore. To safely evacuate people out of the water in such a situation is not always possible.

The use of such technology can be applied to the land. Because here, too, many wild animals can attack humans. In the United States – Cougars, bears, wolves. In India tigers. In Africa, lions, hyenas, rhinos, elephants, etc. of Course, in each situation the technology of Twitter alerts will have to adjust and redo. But the fact remains – these ideas can protect people from many unpleasant encounters with wild animals. That’s about it. Good ideas and successful business!

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