Types of people with whom it is not necessary to build a business

Of Course, it’s good when you can find dedicated people who can support you in all things, give good advice in business and to help in any trouble. To find and appreciate such people is very important. However, there are some categories of people, cooperating with which to build a successful business is almost impossible, and to some extent risky. They will drag you down and hinder new developments. Be able to identify such people and keep them as far away from their Affairs is also very important. We have identified eight types of people to build successful joint business.

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“Devil’s advocate”

This category refers to people who believe only themselves and do not recognize other points of view. They only trust their “voice of reason” and rely only on their “prospects”. But the reality is most often that it is nothing but the echoes of the unsatisfied ambitions of a man who once tried to achieve success and experienced failure. Now he believes so: once even he was so smart and strong, he could not reach the goal, and others will not. But deep inside, he doesn’t even want it. Around you should be people who are always ready to share their positive experiences and help if you can’t do something. And the people who keep saying “I already tried, I failed, so you don’t even try,” keep away from me. Disappointing conclusions about their bad experience, they may kill you in the whole passion and enthusiasm. You’re you and not someone else. If they didn’t, why should you deprive yourself of this opportunity?

“Ardent fans”

These are people whose position is opposite to the previous type. Your every thought, idea or just a phrase they perceive delight. When you praise without apparent reason, it is sometimes flattering, but that is absolutely no. Passionate fans think that we’re just cosmically talented, smart and insightful, but no one can 100% combine all these qualities. Constantly listening to and absorbing such flattery, we incorrectly perceives themselves. Therefore, the chances to make a wrong step we increase many times over. It’s much easier just to say that someone is a big fellow, and it’s much harder to point out that you can still improve and improve. With their exuberant fans behave in a restrained and respectful, but not worth much to believe their words.

“Corporate gossip”

Rumors and gossip arise within each company, and completely eliminate them will fail none the most talented Manager. Because people are so interesting, “wash up bones” staff and administration, to discuss those or other actions. It is important to understand only one thing: those from whom you heard any gossip about your colleague, in the same way behind your back and you discuss. So let into my inner circle only those who allow themselves to discuss the case, what is happening in the company only at the level of your own thoughts and reasoning. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Such people absolutely do not care about anyone but themselves. Yes, they don’t need it. They live by the principle “Every man for himself”. Bonding with such people, at first they may seem very nice, however, you run the risk that at the most inopportune moment they “hit you with a knife in the back”.


To open, perfect Nicolaus Copernicus, many believed that the center of the Universe is the Earth. It would be very nice if the people who believe that all the planets revolve only around themselves, came Copernicus and made new discoveries. To pursue selfish goals within reasonable limits is fine. But those who is entirely self-centered, just a useless burden to society. You should not try to change them, you have is unlikely to work. Simply distancing from them and move on to your goal. “Predictors of problems.” These so-called “prophets”, unable for a few moments to you a whole lot of difficulties and difficulties that you may or may not encounter. Most often, these unsupported claims are absolutely groundless. As you know, doubt is one of the main obstacles in achieving goals. Imagine, if you will complement any of your ideas with a long list of issues that you may encounter in its implementation? Here it is not far off, and your doubt in your own abilities. Of course, everyone wants to know in advance the pitfalls of any of the business started. If the person is reasonably justifies the reasons why it is better not to begin a particular case, and advises how best to avoid difficulties – listen to him. If you hear from him only doubt, which is not backed by anything – it is better to say goodbye to him.

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Of course, the business is extremely important to be able to establish and maintain necessary contacts. However, the search for and strengthening of business relations is not a result, it is only a step to achieving results. People who are categorized as “pimps” don’t care, they like the process. It is impossible to build effective and beneficial relationships with hundreds of people. If chase once for all potentially useful contacts and not get anything. Set your priorities. “The living dead”. They can be compared with heroes of a popular cinematic genre – zombies. They are alive and dead at the same time. Each day begins they have the same, and also equally ends. They have no goals, no aspirations, no ambition. They don’t know what they want from life and just go with the flow. Needless to say that communication with the “zombie” any good will not bring into your life? The circle of a successful person should be the people who have their own desires, have a goal and know how to achieve it. The main thing is to have a positively charged energy that will fuel you and move on to new challenges.

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