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Book Richard Branson – Business Virgin the world of business huge number of legendary names known all over the world. But even among the best entrepreneurs, there are some that are very different from all the others. These people differ from other own unusual way of thinking, its unique approach to the organization of cases the original character. They do not obey the rules, they just love to break them. And thanks to its unusual approach, these entrepreneurs achieve incredible success in life and business.

Richard Branson is perhaps one of the most extravagant and flamboyant entrepreneurs of our time. He, like anyone else, knows how to warm up the interest of the public and potential customers. He goes scuba-diving, rock climbs, flies in a balloon and was preparing to conquer space. He left College to do their first startup. He, having no business education, was able to build a huge company which currently consists of about 400 units. It seems that sir Richard Branson never heard of a rule saying don’t need to be sprayed, it is best to focus on one area, which is good. No way. It may seem that Richard Branson for 40 years of existence of the company Virgin has covered all possible areas of activity. And now he happily shares his own rich experience of doing business with everyone in his new book, “Business in the style of Virgin.

This book many consider one of the highlights of the business bestsellers of the last time. And for good reason. Because here described almost all the way brilliant Richard Branson and his company Virgin greatest.

You will learn how to begin a history of the legendary brand, such as the records grew up in the business world, represented by 400 companies in 30 countries. Himself Richard Branson tells the story of the appearance of the name Virgin, as well as the correct choice of name can affect the fate of your brand, and why should not bind a name to a particular field of activity.

Through real life stories, you will see the infidelity of many business rules. Richard Branson will easily convince you that the customer is not always right. And sometimes you have to take the side of their employees. Because people — the most important element of any company, according to the author. Another example of violation of the rules – the “diversity” of the company Virgin. After all, the greatest minds in the business world for years telling us that we need to focus on one thing. On what good, and not to go in all possible spheres of activity. Perhaps this postulate is valid for many other entrepreneurs, but it is certainly not for Richard Branson and his Virgin Group.

More than 400 units working in different areas now form the basis of Branson. It all started with the music store. Later had his own print edition. A little later we began investing in the construction of fitness centers. Then Richard Branson wanted to compete with the airlines (and he successfully coped with the task), and today Virgin is actively working towards the development of space tourism. Such scale and diversity of activities can boast is that only Google.

Want to know how Richard Branson and his company manage to achieve incredible heights in different areas? Then you just have to read the book “Business in the style of Virgin. What you can’t learn in business school”. For heating of interest here are five rules of doing business, which begins with this bestseller:

  • never handle the case, which you don’t like;
  • try to invent something new and change the world;
  • proud of the achievements of their employees, praise them;
  • learn to listen to their subordinates, they often have brilliant ideas;
  • stand out from the crowd, be bright and noticeable, and it will make your business unique.

Inside the rest of this brilliant masterpiece of sir Richard Branson. 300 pages of information that are read in one breath. But a positive attitude, strong motivation and a lot of new ideas you are guaranteed.

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