Why you shouldn’t say anything about your plans?

Probably every one of you, sooner or later, said, thought or heard this statement, that we should not talk about their plans or purposes. Otherwise, they simply won’t come true. Of course, this is all just a strange luck you thought. Perhaps in some instances the way it is. You can find a lot of examples in life where a statement about your goals or desires have no effect on the result. And in some cases bettered it.

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Don’t talk about your plans

But, anyway, no matter what anyone said, it’s very common. When planning something, or just fantasize, and then share their thoughts with family members, relatives, friends or colleagues, and then I can’t make that happen.

No, no magic in this. And Yes, that phenomenon exists. And occur very often. In any field of life and human activities. So the next time you decide to talk about their plans for a friend, think twice, is it worth it to do this?

So, we came to a logical conclusion – a phenomenon called “can’t tell anyone about your plans” exist. But that’s where it originates and why perfectly valid for most people, this is to understand. And help us a couple of interesting experiments from a man who is devoted to the study of this question a very long time.

Interesting experiments of professor Gollwitzer

Psychology Professor Peter Gollwitzer of Germany seriously engaged in the study of this interesting phenomenon for over fifteen years. Of course, all this time he was busy not only theoretical work but also carried out various experiments. Interesting results gave one of these experiments that the Professor had carried out on students of the law faculty of the local University.

Professor Gollwitzer decided to figure out how to alert others about their plans and intentions influence the actual achievement of the goals. And do at all.

The Professor gathered a group of several dozen experimental students – future lawyers (advocates, to be exact). Then he made up a questionnaire related to the future careers of law students. The questions in the questionnaire were of the type “I will be a successful lawyer” or “I’ll be the best lawyer in town.” The answer had to be given in the form of several prepared statements from “Agree 100%” to “Completely disagree”. Not literally, of course, but something similar.

Also in the questionnaires the students had to describe three specific actions that students are going to make to achieve their articulated goals in the questionnaires.

The results of the survey were quite natural. Most of the students gladly filled in all the answers. And of course, the majority of responses spoke about the serious intentions of the future lawyers to build a wonderful career in their field. Passed the blank questionnaire and did not sign their names. They decided to just remain silent. Then all these subjects the students were not even aware of what awaits them next. This was only the beginning of this exciting experiment.

Next, students are asked to check their applications in practice and not in words. For this they were asked to help with a number of criminal cases. The experimental lawyers had a very difficult job. They had to perform twenty fairly complex real criminal cases. And we had to do everything quickly and efficiently, that is, fully engage in work and to work on the edge of their capabilities. Or just give up. Yes, one of the conditions was the ability to completely opt-out of these complex cases and to continue to enjoy the carefree student life.

In this experiment, “survived” only those students who are not initially reported in the questionnaires about their plans and goals. And those who cheerfully informed “crying” about their incredible intentions, simply refused. Because they are already stars. However, in his own imagination. What strain?

To confirm the results, Professor Gollwitzer was decided to hold another little experience. All with the same students.

They asked a simple question – “How good a lawyer you are feeling at the moment?”. In response, we had to choose a photo of the court. A total of five photos to choose from. They all differed in size from the smallest to the largest. The big picture meant that the student feels first-class lawyer.

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The results were predictable. Those students who stated their plans in the questionnaires, and then never deviated from his opinions, by the big picture. After all, they are the best, they are the stars. They liked to think so. Therefore, they really believed it. And that was their greatest mistake.

Good professionals in any business are not those who shout about it right and left, and not who used high perseverance and work to achieve their goals. In other words, when we speak of our intentions, we would already see the result. But not see that hard work and masses of effort and patience that are needed to achieve these goals. And not just see, we don’t want to see it, we don’t want to do something. In the end, a large part of such desires that are not backed up by actions, is simply not true.

And so was born the statement that we should not talk about their plans. And perhaps we should listen to him. You just need to do, and not to talk. And then, the results will not keep itself waiting long.

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