Winning Strategies for Power Presentations Part 1

Review of the book by Jerry Weissman “master of words”. Many people mistakenly believe that a good public speech or a presentation great is the result, which is available only to the elite. After successfully interact with the public. Isn’t it? Of course not. Learn to prepare a classroom presentation in any field of activity, and then successfully convey the desired ideas to their target audience – you can almost everything. Of course, everything comes with experience. Need to spend hundreds of presentations to achieve some heights. But all this is available not only some mad genius. It is available for ordinary people who very much wish to learn the intricacies of public speaking.

Thanks to such books as “masters of the word. The secrets to public speaking”, and such authors as Jerry Weissman, you now have a real opportunity to learn the skill of presentations and art performances from the most famous and successful people past and present.

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A few words about the author

Before you buy any book or just start reading of one or another potential masterpiece, we almost always get acquainted with the personality of the author. Of course, if possible (some books do not have specific authorship). After all, what kind of person is behind the work, depends on the result. Rarely (if ever), that for the next literary masterpiece is mediocre, uninteresting, boring and inexperienced author. So is the case with the book “masters of words” we would like, first, to tell about the author of this bestseller.

So, Jerry Weissman. It is called the best on the planet by the consultant in the creation of presentations. He graduated from new York University, where he won the degree of bachelor of the faculty of arts. He also graduated from Stanford University, where he received a master’s degree in the specialty “Oratory and dramatic art”.

After graduation Jerry Weissman has gained a good practical experience, working for ten years produced and directed the PR team of one of the largest channels WCBS-TV. And then there were three years of practice in the Network of continuing medical education.

In 1988, Jerry Weissman has invested all his experience in creating his own company Power Presentations, the main activity is advice on presentations and public speaking. The first work of the company – preparation of Cisco Systems for road shows (road show before the share issue, during which meetings with potential investors) IPO (first public offering of shares of the company). After this show, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cisco don Valentine said that two or three dollar price of each share is the merit of Jerry Weissman. It is hardly possible to attain a higher degree of praise for the work done.

After this success, the owners began to invite Weissman to yourself to prepare presentations. In total, we have trained more than 600 presentations that helped to attract hundreds of billions of dollars in investment. Impressive, isn’t it?

In addition, Jerry Weissman is the author of several literary bestsellers, including “excellent presentation. How to win the audience over” and “the Art of making effective presentations. Technique, style, and strategy from the most well-known American teacher of oratory”. Both of these books have been translated into Russian language (and not only).

The author met. To learn from such a person is always nice and helpful. Now let’s move on to his new book – “masters of the word. Secrets of public speaking”.

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What is this book?

Briefly about the presentations. About how to prepare. About how to act with them. How to not leave listeners indifferent to the fact that you represent them.

Of course, the presentation, though, and features prominently in the book, Jerry Weissman, but are not the only publicized issue. In addition to a variety of tips, techniques and methods for the preparation of the presentation, the author will talk about the various techniques for successful public speaking. This can be the speech as a speaker at some large-scale event. Perhaps it will be the usual roundtable discussion. At the time demonstrations of new products or services skills public speeches will also be essential.

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