Winning Strategies for Power Presentations Part 2

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You will learn how to behave on an interview and get acquainted with the techniques of management of their own speech and voice. And for owners of big business in the book has a special section about preparing for the road show before the IPO.

The book is divided into five large parts and 75 short chapters. The best part is that the chapters almost independent from each other. That is, the book can be studied at least since the beginning though with the end, though, even from the middle. You will not lose anything from it.

It’s not just 75 chapters. Before you 75 practices from such outstanding masters of speech, as mark TWAIN, Barack Obama, woody Allen, guy Kawasaki, George Bernard Shaw, Stephen king, William Shakespeare, Franklin Roosevelt, Frank Sinatra and many others. The book “master of Words” Jerry Weissman used the techniques and methods of more than hundred famous actors, politicians, writers, businessmen, and entertainers. Among them there are even ancient Roman orator and politician Cicero and the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Using the practice of public presentations from renowned personalities from different countries and times, the author clearly shows that to learn this art and everyone can. You only need to know specific techniques, methods and ways of presentation skills and public speaking. About all you will learn from the book “masters of the word. Secrets of public speaking”.

In the first part of the book we will focus on the content of your future presentation. You will learn how works woody Allen, using the principle of randomness during brainstorming. You will learn how the nails allowed Mark TWAIN to remember the theme of their own performances. And so on. Each of the chapters will reveal the amazing history, images, methods and techniques of presenting information.

In the second part of the book you will meet an integral part of any presentation – design slides. You will learn how to use real cinematic methods during the preparation of own presentations in PowerPoint. You will understand how important the function of cool images in presentations. It’s not just a way to fill a blank sheet. Pictures – it is like a brief history of what will be discussed in your report.

In the third part the author talks about the art of public speaking. You will learn to hear the sounds of silence, will fight the anxiety of public speech, learn what to do and why Frank Sinatra sang to a standing ovation. And that’s not all that awaits you in this part.

And the fourth part will tell you how to skillfully answer even the toughest questions. You will realize that actually there are no stupid questions, deal with tricky questions and learn what to do with a direct attack.

Well, in the fifth part of the book, Jerry Weissman talk about the intricacies of public speaking. You will learn how to correctly pronounce written speech, to speak before a large audience of listeners, to say the velvet voice and many more.

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Who is this book for?

The book by Jerry Weissman “masters of the word. Secrets of public speaking” will be useful to all those who want to Shine in public. And the act with its own presentation.

Tips from the book will be relevant for senior managers, copywriters, salespeople, speakers, teachers, students, etc. That is, for all those who are constantly faced with large or small audiences.

Using the methods, techniques and tips from the book of Wiseman, they all come out to a whole new level of public speaking. And will achieve even greater heights in the business. That’s about it. We wish you pleasant and useful reading!

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